Repeater System
St. Louis Repeater
Mascoutah Repeater
IRLP Node 4931
RF Link
N9NOC's system
GMRS System

The repeater system in on 70cm only.  It consists of two repeaters that are linked together 24/7.  The main site is in St. Louis Missouri, 442.675  It is up about 180ft and running 100w.  The second repeater is in Mascoutah IL, 444.875,  it is up about 120ft and running 25w.  Both repeaters have full time access to IRLP node number 4931.  N9NOC runs several other repeaters on 10m, 6m, 2m, 220mhz, 900mhz, and 1.2ghz.  All these repeaters can be enabled of disabled via DTMF.  There are also some plans to incorperate an ATV transmitter in St. Louis.

One main thing to remember is that this is a linked system, there are delays associated with a linked system.  When you key up to talk wait 1 to 2 seconds before you start to talk (key up, talk a deep breath, and than start talking).  This will keep you first word from getting chopped off on the other end.

Thru the Gracious Donations from the local ham community we are able to contunue to provide the ham community with ever progressing advancements.  If you would like to donate to the repeater system send donations via PayPal to Donations@kb9qkr.org .  Thanks for helping us with the ever advancing relm of ham radio.