Repeater System
St. Louis Repeater
Mascoutah Repeater
IRLP Node 4931
RF Link
N9NOC's system
GMRS System

The St. Louis repeater 442.675 is main repeater in the system.  Any repeaters or links are linked directly into this machine, so it is in some sorts the main hub.  The repeater is located a-top Barns Jewish Hosbital in St. Louis.  It is up about 180ft and running 100w.  The repeater is a RCI repeater being controled by a CAT-200 controler.  This repeater and all machines connected at any time have access to IRLP node 4931 (see IRLP section for operating instructions). 

Elevator Room Roof Looking South East

Elevator room housing all equipment

Main 442.675,
8 Bay UHFAntenna

This is the RCI repeater, running 15w.

Under side of repeater.  Right: is the RCI controler handling squelch and audio levels, also house the CTCSS encoder and decoders. 

To the left: The Cat-200 controler

Looking North From Barns Jewish

Looking East From Barns Jewish, Towards Downtown St. Louis

Looking south from Barns