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The Mascoutah repeater 444.875 consists of a Motorola GM300 repeater, the controler is a modified Motorola R.I.C.K. with mods for I.D. and DTMF control.  The Duplexers are celwave UHF Mobile cans.  The output is about 25w.  There are upgrades scheduled for the Mascoutah site including a new weather proof enclosure, Hamtronics reciever, cat-200 controler, full size duplexers, and an amplifier to get about 50w output.  The antenna on the Mascoutah site is a Decibel Products DB420 exposed dipole antenna.

This is the Con Agra elevator that the repeater is housed at.  It is 125ft in height.

This is the Repeater Box atop the elevator,  This enclosure has survived many years in the weather but is about time for replacement.

Pic of box location

Looking to the north, at the beautiful town of Mascoutah IL.

Looking to the south

Looking to the west