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IRLP is a method of linking Repeaters via the internet.  To get more spacific, IRLP uses VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocal.  You can view other nodes that are connected to the network and you can connect to any specific node or reflector.  A node is basically a repeater that has the equipment installed to use the IRLP network.  A reflector is a computer that does nothing but allow many nodes (repeaters) to connect at once.  When you connecto to a reflector there might be 2, 3 or more repeaters connected and you can join in a round table conversation with other stations all over the world. 

The IRLP system can only be accessed thru a repeater that is equipped with IRLP.  IRLP is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and can be accesses from eather St. Louis or the Mascoutah sites.

To view the ststus of all idle nodes, connected nodes, reflectors and channels go to status.irlp.net
To view general info on IRLP go to www.irlp.net

To Connect to a node: Directly enter node number via DTMF
To Disconnect: enter "73" via DTMF

Nodes consist of a 4 digit number from 1000-8999
Reflectors consists of a 4 digit number from 9000-9999

All reflectors have 10 seperate audio channels that are seperate from each other.
The last number in the reflector number specifies the channel number 0-9

    1-ID Your Self as Bringing up IRLP
    2-Enter your node number via DTMF
    3-Monitor the node for a few minutes (just to make sure your not butting in on a QSO)
    4-Make your call (usually like "KB9QKR Monitoring")
    5-Feel free to monitor the node for a perioid of time.
    6-Disconnect by entering "73" via DTMF

A Word of warning:

There are 3 main rules for IRLP, WAIT, WAIT, and WAIT!  There are many delays that come with IRLP.  When you key up to talk wait a second or two before talking, (key up, take a deep breath and than start talking) otherwise your first word will be cut off on the other end! 

Leave large breaks between transmitions (about 4 to 5 seconds) this allows other nodes to disconnect from the network.  Nodes can only disconnect between transmittions and node owners get pissed when two guys are not leaving gaps between transmittions because they can't disconnect.

Please conduct your self in a profesional mannor.  IRLP has very high standards of conduct on the network and also high standards on how repeaters are to be set up to use the network.  Now dont get me wrong, IRLP is a very friendly network and is always a pleasure to connect to different nodes.  Don't let this intimidate you from using IRLP, feel free to listen to other IRLP QSO's and connect when you feel like it.

A few of my favorite places to connect:

Crossroads Reflector: 920x
    Channel 0: general rag chew

Western Reflector: 925x
    Channel 0: General rag chew
    Channel 3: WIN System in California, Home of the Isnomic net starting at 1:00am

Alaska Reflector: 907x
    Channel  0: General ragchew

LAX Hub:  935x
    Channel 0: General regchew, large repeater system in California.

Dallas Reflector: 9450
    Channel 0: General ragchew

Denver Reflector:  987x
    Channel 0: General ragchew

Front view of the IRLP node 4931,  The link radio is a Kenwood TK-840 Comercial radio running under 50mw on a mag mount antenna to access the repeater.  It is located at Purchasing Services Limited in Mascoutah which is 3 blocks from the repeater.

This is a rear view of the node,  you can see that everything is intergrated with this node.  It has a build in power supply that powers the link radio.  The only connections to the back of the node are power, LAN, and antenna.