Repeater System
St. Louis Repeater
Mascoutah Repeater
IRLP Node 4931
RF Link
N9NOC's system
GMRS System

Thru a c-op between several ham radio operaters including: N9NOC/KAF2088, KG9LE/WPQX226, WB0QXW, and KB9QKR/WPOL793 we were able to impliment a wide area coverage GMRS system to the St. Louis area.  We operate several differant high profile repeaters including:

St. Louis:     462.550 
Fairview:       462.600
Signal Hill:    462.625
Collinsville:    462.675
N. St. Louis:  462.700
S. St. Louis:  462.725

All repeaters are open to all that are Licensed, but we reserve the right to deny access to anyone.
For info on getting permission to use the system and access codes for repeaters please contact gmrs@kb9qkr.org