Repeater System
St. Louis Repeater
Mascoutah Repeater
IRLP Node 4931
RF Link
N9NOC's system
GMRS System

The RF link is up 24/7 and links the Mascoutah repeater to the St. Louis repeater.  It consists of two GM300s and Astron 20amp power supply. 

This is a front view of the Link radios, the top one is the St. Louis radio on the lower one is the St. Louis radio, and all is sittin atop a Astron 20amp power supply.

This is a rear view of the link radios,  sorry about the messy wiring, havent had time yet to clean her up.  The top radio is the St. Louis radio runing 25w (hense the dual fans to keep her cool), and the lower radio is the Mascoutah radio running about 50mw into a 1/4 wave antenna.

This is the link antenna to St. Louis,  it is a stacked set of 7el uhf beams.  I constructed the phasing harness and bracketing,  I am estimateing about 12db of gain.  Im not for sure of the gain but I know the it hauls the mail.  The antenna for the mascoutah link radio is a small 1/4 wave UHF antenna on a magmount.