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Brian N9NOC has been a huge part of the ever advancing of amateur radio communications in the St. Louis area.  He operates atleast one or more repeaters on every band from 10meters to 1.2ghz.  He is always changing and or adding equipment and repeaters to the system so I will do my best to keep this page updated.

Brian operates many repeaters on many differant bands including:

10Meter:    29.680 / 29.580         127.3   St. Louis
6meter:      53.090 / 51.390         127.3   St. Loius
2meter       147.345                    127.3   Fairview Hieghts
220mhz      224.700 / 223.100     127.3   St. Louis
440mhz      442.125                    127.3   Fairview Heights
900mhz      902.4875 / 928.4875  127.3   St. Louis   
1.2ghz        1283.100 / 1271.100  127.3   St. Louis

900mhz Repeater in St. Louis